CCU Mission

To recruit highly motivated and capable players and introduce them to the best coaches on the central coast, and combine the two in a creative, high paced and challenging training environment… that promotes growth and development and targets our CCU teams playing at the highest levels and in the best possible Leagues, Tournaments and Showcase Events.

CCU recognizes the importance of a balanced life plan for players, and combines a comprehensive soccer program with player social, emotional and physical wellness.   Our primary goal is to provide a safe, healthy and challenging environment… while promoting the highest standards of excellence, through a personal commitment to outstanding character and sporting behavior.

Our CCU Coaches are our primary role models and facilitators for all methodology, and all standards and professional demeanor. Supervised by CCU Technical Directors and Directors of Boys/Girls, coaches are consistently mentoring, teaching and promoting players, while establishing program excellence and attaining measured success… in training, at competitions and off the field. In addition to the coaching team, CCU programs and methods are impacted by an active and instrumental Director of Operations, and a progressive, sound & strategic governing Board of Directors.

CCU Academy Structure

The Junior Academy (U11-U14) players are asked to become fully vested, while consistently demonstrating the highest levels of training and match play.    Daily expectations become more demanding with the injection of healthy competition for roster spots and match time. The Junior Academy is designed for the highly motivated player, focusing on the highest levels of individual and team technical & tactical development. Junior Academy goals and objectives will be realized by engaging the player in fun, high paced training sessions that promote speed of play, along with technical & tactical mastery of advanced skill sets and concepts. The Junior Academy is the core of the CCU competitive programs, and players will be expected to develop training & match habits that promote daily individual & collective improvement, at a beginning showcase level. Maximum Effort is the Rule!

The Senior Academy (U15-U19) is designed for the highest functioning players in CCU.  Senior players range from the highly motivated college bound player (wanting to be observed and evaluated by college coaches) to the equally motivated & serious player… looking to improve daily and fully committed to the demands of elite training and competition. Players are expected to demonstrate dynamic training & match habits directly impacting personal & team improvement and comprehension of the highest tactics. Emphasis is placed on creativity and improvisation on the ball, while attaining a high awareness of shape, spacing and match orientation. These collective (small group & team) tactics are elevated to the highest levels, and become a major part of daily training and competition. The Senior Academy player will be exposed to training and methodology directly related to College Recruiting, College ID Camps and College Showcase Events.

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